Vibrating Screen: Model
Vibrating Screen

CRUSHSTONE™ vibrating screen can be mounted using support from below on coil springs. All screens are tested prior to delivery. standardized screen assemblies, sub-assemblies and components are designed for quick, easy access and repair to minimize downtime & lost production. precision self aligning bearing is press fit, making inspection & maintenance simple. They are proven to have long service life & reliability. Decks are one piece weldments with thick wall round pipes cross member welded continuously at each end to the channel size member extending the full length of side plates. One piece construction ensures high structural strength and rigidity. Corner supports are fastened, not welded. This design assures the most effective load transfer from the deck to the load spring with the minimum load stresses on side plates. Reinforcement plate is fastened to the side plates in drive area. This reinforcement plate increases side plate strength in this area by over 100%, increasing side plate stiffness while reducing stress.